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Well Hello there!

I'm Angela, the devious mind behind the lens!

I am a Portrait and Conceptual Portrait Photographer in Kansas City, MO.

I love to work with people to create a session

that showcases YOU!

Performers, couples, concepts, OH MY!

Photography helps me show life's endless possibilities.

Let's laugh and have a great time like you did before adulting became your thing. I love to spend time with families laughing at your inside jokes.

Maternity sessions always make my heart hurt because the possibilities are limitless. If you happen to be an artist then let's get creative together!

I prefer Intimate weddings because I love to see love...all around and authentic.

I am a non-traditional shooter and who lives for those raw moments. I may ask you to do something that could get me the eyebrow raise but it's for the greater good. Trust me lol.  I have had  the opportunity to work with so many amazing characters like Emmy winning film Directors, RuPaul's Drag Queens, musicians, multi published models and  just every day fantastic people who just want to be creative. Every session is unique because YOU are.

I want to tell THAT story!  YOUR story!

I look forward to creating something different,

spontaneous and fun with you! Let's get creative together. 

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