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Meet Your Photographer

HI! I'm Angela and I'm the creative brain behind the lens! I am a Portrait and Unique Portrait Photographer in Kansas City, MO.

I'm quirky, live for a laugh and love life to the fullest! 

I love to work with people to create a session that tells a bit about them, that's the unique part. Your session is all about YOU!  Performers, couples, concepts, OH MY! Photography makes me feel alive because of its endless possibilities.

I am a non-traditional shooter and who lives for those raw moments. My photography can be out of the box and not what you would expect sometimes which has given me the opportunity to work with so many amazing characters ! Every session  is unique and I want to tell that story!

I look forward to challenging you to be different, spontaneous and fun! Let's get creative together. See you soon!

- Angela 





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