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Client Testimonials

I work with drag performers, models, families, and parents a like. No matter who you are, I'm here to bring you to life through photography.


Cynthia Doll

"Angela has been working with drag entertainers for years. Not only does she capture a moment, but she captures the art that the artist is presenting."

Alexandria Evangelista

"I love working with Angela because she just knows how to direct a photoshoot, she will help you and make you feel beautiful. She takes the time to get good photos, very professional and I just love the final product."


Ryan Jones

"I enjoy working with Angela because the energy and creativity that she can provide for each and every shoot will have you bring out another side of you that you didn't know you had. What an amazing experience with Evening Star!"

Scary Cherry

"The reason why I love to collaborate with Angela is because she is amazing at what she does as a photographer. She is open with any ideas, and hear out what your vision is what you want and she will work with it. Not only she is an amazing photographer she is an amazing person, friend, mentor, and artist. She really loves the queer community so much and will help us when we need it!"


Ezra Prince

"Vibrant, friendly, and unique are all adjectives I'd use to describe Angela and her work. She's a true artist and really cares about who she works with. I highly highly recommend her to anyone wanting photography that's artistic and not you're usual run-of-the mill vibe."

Karma Sutra Stanwyck

"From the second I booked with Angela I knew I was in good hands. She is a true professional who knows how to make her clients feel comfortable and excited about their shoot! My shots came out beautiful and I will absolutely be returning for another shoot."

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