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My vibrant dark and moody style is created by predominately hand editing. Which means I adjust every image  by hand so if it takes me a few days longer to deliver your images bare with me. 

What I would like for you to realize is that with Evening Star, ME, YOU get to be YOU. The real YOU. You are investing in art that you can display on your wall and be proud that you have been part of the creation process.

So now...take a deep breathe and let's have some fun together!

It's as easy as 1 2 3!


How many photos of your smiling face would you like?

If you say all of them I'll love you forever! Yes, I have special full gallery pricing.

Step 2:

This is the fun part! BOOK YOUR SESSION!

            You already said that you wanted them all so just hit the favorite button on each and every one in your private online preview gallery.

Step 3:

Here's where I try to make it gets more fun! There is a professional photo lab attached to your gallery. Want prints to share with the family, a canvas for your walls, a special larger size framed matted print, or you can download your digital files. 

All done! Now that wasn't so difficult now was it?



 Let yourself shine. In this session the focus is on YOU. In the studio or on location. 


$185/5 digital images

$225/10 digital images

$400/20 digital images w/deluxe editing and w/mini brag book



$185/5 digital images

              (basic edit)

$285/10 digital images

             (basic edit)

$400/20 digital images

    * w/deluxe editing

      *20 page printed "magazine" highlighting your fabulousness



$185/5 digital images

$225/10 digital images

$350/15 digital images


Conceptual Portraiture

Let's play dress up! This session is from the imagination. It involves props, special wardrobe and perhaps a new world is created just for you. Studio or Location. These sessions all come with varying degrees of deluxe editing.

$250/ 5 digital images

$325/10 digital images

$450/15 digital images and a  printed "magazine" of your gallery for bragging

Add ons:

tbd special Order props,  

$25 each multiple locations,  

$ 20 ea additional person   



$185/5 digital images

     1 location. No clothing change

$225/10 digital images

     1 location. 1 Clothing change

$350/15 digital images

     *w/mini brag book

     *up to 3 locations

     *up to 7 clothing changes


Other Services

Intimate Weddings (50 people or less) $250/hr minimum of 2 hours

Fresh 48/Newborn (up to 14 days old)

Fresh 48 must be booked at least 7 days before birth

 $350/15 edited images

Cake Smash

$250 (w/out cake) 15 edited images

$300(w/cake) 15 edited images


$300/hr minimum of 2 hours.

You receive a large viable images from your event

* Additional images from your gallery are available for purchase for $25 ea
*8x8 Brag books available for purchase $ 45

*8.5 x 11 Personal gallery Magazine $65

*Deluxe editing means that I spend more time on the editing, image alterations to clothing, background, etc. 

Ask about my 
Star Program

Ask about my 
Star Program

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